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Today I am inspired by love. My favorite age was when I was 16 years old. I was full of life, innocence, happiness. Most of all, I was full of love. Even without experience, I read every love story and drew love quotes over notebooks. I dreamed of what love would be like. One day. It's been six years since I met my best friend, my person. He is the best man I've ever known. He makes me want to write every love song in the book. Sometimes I watch him sleep just to memorize the lines on his face in the rare chance that I ever lose him. He's reinvented my idea of love. For love isn't what the love story or love songs tell you. It's made up of uncontrollable laughter at the dumbest of jokes. It's saying "hey, we're on the same team" and "kiss break" when we argue. It's saying, "no I'll get it this time" when I'm too tired to make dinner or clean after our cats. It's leaving a post-it note on the light switch after I've had a long late day saying "can't wait to cuddle." It's the days between every amazing romantic gesture, although the gestures themselves blow me away. It's about the strength in the sweetness, the everyday "damn, you look hot," and making sure you get a kiss before we leave for work every morning. It's saying "I love you" and meaning all of it not bc of unicorns and rainbows, but because we trust, respect, and so deeply LIKE each other. Time to admit: I have never written a real love song because I can never find the words. But I've chosen my person. I can only believe maybe the words will come some day. Because hopefully we'll have forever.