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Once Upon A Time there lived a songbird named Chelsea Spann. She wrote and sang, making people feel happy and refreshed through her voice and song. She was a timeless songbird, bringing together the classic sound of jazz to youthful modern pop arrangements. Her only goal was to leave behind joy to her fellow mankind.

Chelsea considers her style to be spontaneous, sweet and happy with a pinch of glamour. With music, Chelsea never likes to stay safe in one octave. She loves her melodies to be broad and playful to surprise people. She loves the sound of acapella. It's a true test in making songs sound vulnerable. Never one to stay in a box, she often changes melodies and arrangements when she feels like it, always looking to surprise her crowd. Her day is made by listening to Adele, with her deep raspy voice and dramatic instrumentation, and Sara Bareilles, with her textured warm voice and jamming upbeat guitar. Seriously, these two ladies are rad.

Being a native of Los Angeles, Chelsea grew up in the heart of the music industry and saw the business first hand. She began singing right out of the womb, and never stopped. As she matured, she fell in love with this creative city, its food and its culture, and became inspired by it. She went to UCLA for Jazz Studies with some of the greatest jazz artists/mentors and graduated to pursue that passion. She sang all over Los Angeles in restaurants and hotels, and multiple times at The Jazz Bakery in Culver City. She began writing and developing songs to share her own story. Some of these are on the media page of this site or available on Itunes, others are on many pads of paper at home.

Chelsea's inspirations extend from the 1930s to today. She's a jazz junkie, so she completely digs Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Blossom Dearie, Duke Ellington and more recently Jane Monheit, Kat Edmonson, and Madeleine Peyroux. Pop influences range from Sting, Elton John, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson to Keane, Adele and Sara Bareilles (if you couldn't tell in the text above).

Look forward to a LONG JOURNEY with this little redhead. Listen. Let your ear be your guide. Check out her media page, Itunes, and silly interactive blog entries. She's available by email, so don't be shy. Come and play! :)